Landscaping Brick

Brick is an excellent material to be used in many ways in your outdoor project. Landscaping brick is a beautiful and timeless material that has unlimited uses. Some of these many uses of brick include walls, paving, and also borders used in conjunction with complimenting materials. If brick is a new element to your landscape or hardscape project, Hay Hill can help you select a brick color and style to match your individual needs. We can also match new masonry work to existing work to create a seamless transition from the existing masonry to your new project.

Hay Hill Services excels at creatively using this material to transform your outdoor areas into beautiful escapes. We at Hay Hill Services take pride in having the most highly skilled and creative masons in the area. Whether your plans include a new decorative brick wall with delicate detailing, or a privacy fence to help secure your property, we can handle the job from start to finish. Our company has an incredible track record of exemplary work to display if you are looking for some fresh ideas on new masonry projects.

The use of landscaping brick in your new project is an excellent way to add beauty and value to your home and property. We have used many different brick manufactures to help create unique landscapes for many customers. Some of these manufactures include Old Carolina, Old Virginia, Carolina Ceramics, and Boral. These unique brick styles have been used in walls and fences, paving for walks and driveways, and also borders for stonework and concrete work. No matter what your plans include Hay Hill Services’ brickwork is an excellent and lasting touch that you will no doubt love for many years to come.

"Thank you for all you have done to beautify our home.  We are so pleased with what you have created and the manner in which you have done so.  We look forward to the opportunity to continue to work together. "
-Lyles G.