The design process

Step 1: Initial Consultation 

One of our landscape architects/designers will discuss your project with you in order to determine how best to achieve your vision. A meeting will be scheduled at your home or business to determine the scope of your project. After the meeting a formal design agreement will be sent to you for approval.

Step 2: Design Agreement 

The design agreement and fee will be presented based on the landscape and hardscape elements to be included in your project. This will also take into account the estimated budget range established for each element or phase, if provided by the client.  To begin the design process, a signed design agreement will be required. The design fee will be due as services are completed.   Note: If installation is contracted through Hay Hill Services, Inc., costs for construction installation data and construction administration may not be necessary. 

Step 3: Design 

Upon receipt of the signed design agreement, we will perform the following services:    

Site Analysis:  Visually inspect the property to confirm that existing site conditions are shown accurately on the survey plats and/or plans provided by the client.  Existing structures, architectural style, spot grades (if applicable for your project), utilities, general soil conditions, and over-all site conditions will be noted to determine the most appropriate use of both plants and construction materials. If it is determined that current site conditions do not match that of the provided plans or if no plat exists, further data collection will be required before proceeding.  This work will be completed for a nominal fee or the client may hire a professional surveyor.

Preparation of Base Map(s):  Scale drawings shall be prepared showing existing vegetation to remain,existing structures noted during the site analysis visits, and indicated on any existing site plan and/or property plans. 

Preparation of Preliminary Conceptual Design(s):  Conceptual designs shall be prepared using the base map information and will reflect client preferences along with our design ideas for the property.  Preliminary plans will be drawn to scale and will include general information regarding the layout, relationship to any structures and planting concepts.  A meeting to review these ideas and receive feedback for revisions will be performed.

Preparation of Final Conceptual Plans and Cost Estimate:  Final plans and cost estimates shall be prepared from preliminary plans, ideas, and client feedback.  Final plans will include scale drawings with recommended hardscape materials and locations of plant beds and massings. An itemized cost estimated will be provided along with the final concept plan for budgeting and potential phasing purposes. 

"I want to thank you and your crew for doing a fabulous job!  I’m totally happy with my lawn that looks gorgeous.  The irrigation system I would have never thought of if you had not suggested it.  Now that I have gotten older it will make my life a whole lot easier.  The whole thing works perfectly.  I could not be more pleased.  Fred, let me compliment you and your crew on your rapid responses and the outstanding work that you do right away.  I love the way you operate.  I used to do it the same way myself! "
-Charlie S.