Design Professionals

Hay Hill Services understands your vision is best achieved through quality materials and installations. Our goal is to ensure that all aspects of your design intent shine for both you and your clients. We also know that communication with you, the design professional, is key to creating a successful project. As our portfolio conveys, much of installation work is in partnership with other design professionals such as landscape architects, building architects, engineers, as well as landscape designers. This partnership and respect for working with design professionals is what makes the installation experience with Hay Hill much more relaxed and comfortable. The end result is a beautifully executed project with design intent intact and within the budget parameters.

"My project is exactly as you designed it for me.  I look forward to enjoying the fruits of all your labor.  ‘The Men’ were great.  I must say, I was most impressed with their courteousness, attention to detail, and knowledge of plants.  It’s been a long nervous ride for me and I thank you for holding my hand throughout. "
-Linda H.