Stone Landscaping Design

Stone is an extremely beautiful material that can be used in many ways throughout your outdoor projects. Stone landscaping design can be used in paving applications, wall applications, and also in the form of gravels. No other product conveys a natural beauty like stone does. Stone is an extremely labor intensive product, and Hay Hill Services can handle any stone project that you can conjure up. Whether you select a natural stone or a manufactured product Hay Hill Services can handle your stone masonry needs.

Hay Hill Services employees some of the top stone masons in the area to make your stone projects become a reality. We handle all stone installations in house, making sure that no aspect of quality is compromised. Our expert masons have years of experience in stone installation, ensuring that your new stone project will last for years to come.

The selections of stones are limitless and the natural qualities of stone can vary greatly based on what geographic location the stone is mined. This true natural material ensures a unique look for each and every project. Hay Hill Services’ architects can help you select from the many stone options to compliment your exact needs for your stone projects. We can help guide you in selecting a specific type of stone for your specific application.

Stone is used to create some of the most beautiful pool decks, fireplaces, and decorative patios. The possibilities for incorporating this extremely versatile product are endless. The unmatched quality of Hay Hill’s stone installations continue to bring outdoor living spaces to life

"Thank you for all you have done to beautify our home.  We are so pleased with what you have created and the manner in which you have done so.  We look forward to the opportunity to continue to work together. "
-Lyles G.